CSE Learning Outcomes

The design of the program is based on ten learning outcomes, developed by program faculty through discussion with partners from industry and the national labs. Each student's plan of study should address these outcomes.

The outcomes below answer the question: "What should a graduate of our CSE program be able to do?"

  • Frame a real-world problem such that it can be addressed computationally

  • Evaluate multiple computational approaches to a problem and choose the most appropriate one

  • Produce a computational solution to a problem that can be comprehended and used by others

  • Communicate across disciplines¬†

  • Collaborate within teams¬†

  • Model systems appropriately with consideration of efficiency, cost, and the available data

  • Use computation for reproducible data analysis

  • Leverage parallel and distributed computing

  • Build software and computational artifacts that are robust, reliable, and maintainable

  • Enable a breakthrough in a domain of inquiry