Data Science courses

Core Courses

AC 209a Data Science 1: Introduction to Data Science

AC 209b Data Science 2: Advanced Topics in Data Science

AM 207 Advanced Scientific Computing: Stochastic Methods for Data Analysis, Inference, and Optimization

AC 207 Systems Development for Computational Science

AC 221 Critical Thinking in Data Science

Research Courses

AC 297r Data Science Capstone Research Project Course

AC 299r Independent Study in Applied Computation

Popular Electives

CS 165 Data Systems

CS 171 Visualization

CS 181 Machine Learning

CS 182 Artificial Intelligence

CS 281 Advanced Machine Learning

CS 282r Topics in Machine Learning

STAT 131 Time Series & Prediction

STAT 139 Linear Models

STAT 149 Generalized Linear Models

STAT 195 Statistical Machine Learning