Thesis Option

Data Science master’s students can choose to satisfy the research experience requirement by selecting the thesis option. Students will spend the majority of their second year  working on a substantial data science project that culminates in the submission and oral defense of a master’s thesis. While all thesis projects must be related to data science, students are given leeway in finding a project in a domain of study that fits with their background and interest.

All students choosing the thesis option must find a research advisor and submit a thesis proposal and a letter of support from the thesis advisor by mid-March of their first year of study. Thesis proposals will be evaluated by the Data Science faculty committee and only those students whose proposals are accepted will be allowed to continue with the thesis option.  

To account for the time spent on thesis research, students choosing the thesis option are able to opt out of two of four free elective courses. 

SM with thesis option requirements Number of courses
Technical Core 4
Critical Thinking in Data Science 1
Computer Science Elective 1
Statistics Elective 1

Additional Courses:

     Computer Science electives (up to 2)

     Statistics electives (up to 2)

     Other Data Science electives (up to 2)

     Research course: AC 297r or AC 299r (up to 1)

     Seminar course (up to 1)

300-level research and reading courses 3