Emergency Response

If there is an emergency, please call the University Operations Center at 617-495-5560

If urgent medical care is needed, please call 911



University personnel are required to immediately report all workplace accidents (or near misses), injuries and illnesses to their Supervisors/Managers.  If the accident/injury/illness requires an ambulance and/or inpatient hospitalization, immediately contact the University Operations Center 617 495-5560.

Supervisors/Managers are responsible for completing a University incident report within 24 hours of the incident. Instructions on how to file a report can be found on the EH&S Accident, Illness, and Injury Reporting webpage.

Reporting an accident has three important functions:

  1. It alerts EH&S to a hazard that may need further assessment. Your EH&S adviser will work with the lab to identify how the process that resulted in an injury could be improved in order to prevent future accidents. An anonymized incident review will also be communicated to the safety committee to spread awareness among other research groups;
  2. It alerts your Supervisor or Department Head to the accident. They, in turn, have the responsibility of reporting accidents to Human Resources for insurance coverage and to comply with State regulations in cases involving Workmen's Compensation; and,
  3. Reporting an accident and seeking medical treatment minimizes the chance that an apparently minor injury might become aggravated.



The Lab Emergency Response Guide, which addresses a variety of emergencies, can be found here.

Emergency contact information should be posted in every lab. A hard copy can be obtained outside of Pierce Hall G2A, upon request at the SEC, and is also available to print from the EH&S website.