Committee Info


The SEAS safety committee mission is to promote and maintain a culture of safety for its constituent faculty, staff, and students. This is accomplished by providing training and by disseminating pertinent information to ensure that research and teaching are conducted in as safe a manner as possible. The committee is also responsible for seeing that appropriate safety equipment is available and that prudent practices are employed in the operation of our laboratories.


The SEAS safety committee has a membership of close to sixty people. This format reflects the philosophy of working from the ground up to provide an effective safety program. The conducting of research in a safe manner begins at the bench. As such, the committee is broadly based by design and has representation from all of our research and teaching facilities. 

The committee suggested it should police itself, inspect its own laboratories and provide its own training. 

The safety committee continues to explore new ways that it can be effective and have a positive influence on the teaching and research experiences of all those it serves.


Our members are part of a safety-committee email listserv. Safety officers are automatically added; if you are not a lab safety officer and would like to be added, please email Maryam Borton.


The SEAS Safety Committee is made up of members from SEAS labs, SEAS Facilities, EHS, and other key personnel across SEAS and the university.

Meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday of the month, 12 noon - 1 pm, Maxwell-Dworkin MD 119. (The July meeting is the annual BBQ. No meeting is held in August.). Lunch, drinks, and dessert are provided.