Oladapo Afolabi is a rising fourth year at the University of Virginia studying electrical engineering. He is originally from Nigeria and enjoys playing soccer and video games in his free time.

Project:  MAVEN: Micro-Arial Vehicle in Embedded Network

Mentors: Prof. Radhika Nagpal, Karthik Dantu, Richard Moore

Funding: Wyss Institute


Yousif Alsaid was born in Baghdad, Iraq and currently resides in Bahrain. He just completed his sophomore year in Chemical Engineering at the University of Maryland and hopes to pursue a Ph.D. after graduating. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, animating, composing music, and table tennis.

Project: Large-scale nanostacking – Future of negative-index metamaterials

Mentors: Prof. George Whitesides, Yanina Shevchenko, Alex Nemiroski, Mathieu Gonidec

Funding: Wyss Institute


Debbie Andres is a rising junior at Rutgers, The State University of NJ who is studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. After completing her B.S., Debbie will be doing an additional year at Rutgers to obtain a Masters in Education and be certified to teach high school level physics. In addition to studying engineering, she is a proud member of the Society of Hispanic Engineers, the Learning Assistant Program, the Rutgers University Marching Band, and Mu Beta Psi, the National Honorary Music Service Fraternity. She enjoys watching musical theater, playing her clarinet, exploring new places, and meeting new people!

Project: Optical properties and durability studies of elastic nanostructures

Mentors: Prof. Joanna Aizenberg, Ximin He

Funding: REU Site in Biomaterials


Brandon Araki is a rising senior at Yale University double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Project: New pressure-actuated valve for soft robotics that allows multiple soft actuators to achieve any arbitrary pressure profile using a single pressure source

Mentors: Prof. Radhika Nagpal, Nils Napp, Michael Tolley

Funding: Wyss Institute 


Ruth Ashley is a senior at the University of West Florida studying Mathematics and Computer Science. She enjoys running, cycling, and doing logic puzzles in her spare time.

Project: A data-driven approach for predicting the success of oil wells in the Eagle Ford shale, part of company QRI

Mentors: Margo Levine, Daniel Weinstock

Funding: IACS


Ross Bauer is a rising senior at New York University, majoring in Physics. He is currently involved in soft matter research investigating properties of trapped colloids. He hopes to continue research in the soft matter field by pursuing a graduate degree in Physics. In his spare time, he enjoys running, football, and playing/listening to music.

Project: Particle tracking in colloidal emulsions

Mentors: Prof. David Weitz, Rodrigo Guerra

Funding: BASF


Elizabeth Boulanger is a rising senior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in business. She is a member of the WPI women's varsity crew team. She is from Grafton, MA and enjoys traveling, hiking, biking, and skiing.

Project: Influence of PLG scaffold composition on cells

Mentors: Prof. David Mooney, Evi Lippens, Katie Ryan

Funding: Wyss Institute


Rachel Burton grew up in Skokie, Illinois. She is a rising sophomore at Brandeis University, majoring in Chemistry and minoring in English. In her free time, she enjoys practicing martial arts, cello, and creative writing.

Project: Design of organic metal-less battery based on water-soluble quinones

Mentors: Prof. Roy Gordon, Michael Marshak

Funding: Harvard University


Francisco Candido is a rising senior and MARC scholar studying Aerospace Engineering at San Diego State University. 

Project: The Design of a Multi-Stable Material

Mentors: Prof. Katia Bertoldi, Sicong Shan

Funding: MARC Program


Chun-Wei (Leonard) Chang is a junior majoring in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign This summer he will be working with Ryan Truby in Prof. Lewis' research group. 

Project: 3-D Printing of micro-vasculature networks

Mentors: Prof. Jennifer Lewis, Ryan Truby, Analisa Russo

Funding: Wyss Institute


Wesley Chen hails from Edison, New Jersey. He is a rising sophomore studying applied mathematics with a minor in chemistry. He is pursuing a Master's degree in Applied Computation if all goes well. In his free time, Wesley can be found eating lots of food, sleeping, gaming, or trying out something new!

Project: Optimizing Parallel N-body computations

Mentors: Dr. Cris Cecka

Funding: IACS


Mark Chonofsky grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts, and has completed three years of physics at the University of Cambridge. He has worked on bioinformatics projects and is particularly interested in statistics and biological physics. He also enjoys rock-climbing and hiking and is learning to fly gliders.

Project: Particle Detector

Mentors: Prof. Wesley Wong, Ken Halvorsen

Funding: Wyss Institute


Afrida Chowdhury is a rising junior in Polytechnic Institution of NYU, and she is majoring in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, and she would like to be a professor someday. Other than her educational and professional life, she enjoys reading, novels, drawing, and hanging out with her friends.

Project: Bivouac Sensor: Capacitance change in the 3D grid

Mentors: Prof. Radhika Nagpal, Michael Rubinstein

Funding: Wyss Institute


Bo Cimino is a rising junior majoring in Computer Science at South Dakota State University. 

Project: Using GUI to program for education

Mentors: Prof. Radhika Nagpal, Michael Rubinstein

Funding: Wyss Institute


Gabrielle Compton is from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and is studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of Arkansas. After graduation, she intends to obtain her Ph.D. and pursue a career in research. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, traveling, music, and meeting new people!

Project: Biomimetic robotics: New approaches to motility

Mentors: Prof. George Whitesides, Yanina Shevchenko 

Funding: REU Site


Jordan Dodson is a triple major in physics, mathematics, and chemistry with a minor in biology at Middle Tennessee State University. He desires to spend his career tackling the next generation of problems in quantum physics and information theory. He loves to read and collect old books.

Project: A data-driven approach for predicting the success of oil wells in the Eagle Ford shale, part of the company QRI

Mentors: Margo Levine, Daniel Weinstock

Funding: IACS


Xin Dong is a mechanical engineering student from the University of Hong Kong. The next academic year will be his final year. He loves music, soccer and making new friends.

Project: Valves Composed of Dielectric Elastomers for Soft Robotics

Mentors: Prof. George Whitesides, Bobak Mosadegh, Christopher Keplinger

Funding: Hong Kong University


Harrison Samuel Ewan was born and raised in Portland, OR and is a biochemistry major at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. He plans on attending graduate school for synthetic organic chemistry. His other interests include metalworking and hiking.

Project: Asymmetric μParticles: Synthesis and behavior under high shear flow

Mentors: Dr. SJ Claire Hur

Funding: Rowland Institute


John Ferrier is a sophomore at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, AR where he currently studies Physics and Mathematics. Prior to his college career, he served in the United States Air Force as an Electronic Warfare technician who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. But, these days, he dedicates his time to leading his SPS group as their new president and studying. He enjoys programming, music, and anything science-related.

Project: Optimizing Process Variables of Motorized RJS

Mentors: Prof. Kevin Kit Parker, Sung-Jin Park

Funding: NNIN


Daniel Fitzgerald is a rising Junior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute studying Robotics Engineering and Computer Science. He is interested in 3D printing, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence and is involved in the maker and open-source movements. He also enjoys philosophy, the outdoors, and running.

Project: 3D printing electronic devices

Mentors: Prof. Jennifer Lewis, Michael Bell

Funding: CalTech EFRC


Cooper Galvin grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. For that reason, Cooper enjoys hiking, biking, playing guitar, camping, rock climbing, and BBQing. Cooper is a double Mathematics and Chemistry major at Pomona College in sunny Claremont, California.

Project: Synthesis of Molecules for the First Fully Organic Flow Battery

Mentors: Prof. Roy Gordon, Michael Marshak

Funding: Harvard University


Anna Gavrilman is a rising senior at the University of Massachusetts - Boston who is majoring in Computer Science. She is interested in Machine Learning. In her spare time, she competes in ballroom dancing.

Project: Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data

Mentors: Prof. Salil Vadhan, Jonathan Ullman

Funding: NSF Data Privacy and Security


William Gilpin grew up in Oklahoma and now lives in Florida with his parents, both retired English professors. Much to their surprise, he is now studying physics, and he is currently interested in theoretical biophysics and condensed matter.

Project: Improving the Fluorescence of Diamond Color Centers

Mentors: Prof. Marko Lončar, Kadijeh Bayat

Funding: Harvard University


Valter Gomes is a student at Bunker Hill Community College. He emigrated from Cape Verde at the age of one year old and grew up in the Boston area. He is a Commonwealth Honors Program Scholar at Bunker Hill.

Project: An investigation of battery technologies for the BASF Advanced Research Initiative

Mentors: Dr. Marc Schroeder

Funding: BASF


Bretzner Gonzalez was born in California and raised in between borders in San Diego and Mexico. Mexican parents with German and Spanish ancestors. Computer Engineering major, transferring to UC, San Diego. Excited to meet the REU team, learn valuable things from everybody and the program, and exploring Boston!

Project: Holographic Tracking of Escherichia Coli Swimming Behavior and Change in Direction

Mentors: Dr. Laurence Wilson

Funding: Rowland Institute


Matt Griswold is originally from Colorado and is now living in Boston. He served four years in the United States Marine Corps. He is pursuing a double major in Physics and Economics. He enjoys being outdoors.

Project: Design and mechanical characterization of TE valve

Mentors: Prof. Kevin Kit Parker, Andrew Capulli

Funding: REU Site


Zachary Hargreaves is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer science. He worked at NASA during the Mars mission and currently conducts research in cyborg robotics.

Project: Vision-based locomotion in RoboBees

Mentors: Prof. Radhika Nagpal, Richard Moore, Karthik Dantu

Funding: Robobees


Eric Hemphill is a rising senior at Middlebury College majoring in physics and mechanical engineering. He is interested in research in alternative energy.

Project: An investigation of battery technologies for the BASF Advanced Research Initiative

Mentors: Dr. Marc Schroeder

Funding: BASF


Min-Sung (Chris) Hong is a rising junior majoring in physics with pre-med as a minor. He is from Seoul, South Korea and has also spent quite some time in Montreal, Canada. He is interested in studying medicine in the future and is planning to study biophysics in the coming semesters. This summer, he will be working in Professor David Weitz's lab with Dr. Huidan Zhang as a student intern.

Project: Detection of circulating tumor cells using droplet-based microfluidics for early

Mentors: Prof. David Weitz, Huidan Zhang

Funding: MRSEC


Julio Interiano is a Chemical Engineering and Mathematics student from New Jersey. He was born in Guatemala and came to the United States when he was 11 years. old. In his free time, he is a musician.

Project: Cell Growth and Migration in Three-Dimensional Environments

Mentors: Prof. David Weitz, Adrian Pegoraro, Tom Kodger

Funding: REU Site


Danielle Ithier is originally from Hooksett, NH and is currently a junior studying Mechanical Engineering at Harvard University. She is very interested in biologically inspired robotics and will be working in Professor Robert Wood's lab. Outside of engineering, Dani also enjoys biking, soccer, and laser tag.

Project: Compliant Leg Design in a Quadrupedal Microrobot

Mentors: Prof. Rob Wood, Onur Ozcan

Funding: Robobees


Philip Jean-Remy was born and raised in New York City and is a rising junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Majoring in materials science and engineering, he hopes to emphasize in the field of biomaterials and go on to pursue a doctorate degree. In his free time, Philip enjoys pencil drawing, reading science-fiction novels, and hanging out with his friends.

Project: Shadow sphere lithography – A novel way to fabricate metamaterial surfaces at the nanoscale level

Mentors: Prof. George Whitesides, Alex Nemiroski, Mathieu Gonidec, Yanina Shevchenko

Funding: MRSEC


Jorge Jiminez has recently completed his freshmen year at Bunker Hill Community College in Charlestown, MA. As a first-generation Mexican-American and the United States Air Force veteran, he aspires to study biochemistry. His interests are cell biology and tissues. He hopes to inspire other military veterans to pursue the science fields.

Project: Neuron Microbead Binding

Mentors: Prof. Kevin Kit Parker, Matt Hemphill, Borna Dabiri

Funding: REU Site


Nicholas Jin is a rising senior at Princeton University, concentrating in Physics with a certificate in Applications of Computing. In his free time, he enjoys music, badminton, and ballroom dancing.

Project: Tight-Binding Model of Molybdenum Disulfide

Mentors: Prof. Efthimios Kaxiras

Funding: IACS


Waad Kahouli is a rising junior at Mount Holyoke College majoring in physics. In her spare time, she enjoys jogging, cooking, reading and socializing.

Project: Encapsulation of Beta-Carotene using microfluidic single emulsion device

Mentors: Prof. David Weitz, Alireza Abbaspourrad

Funding: BASF


Aaron Krupp just completed his third year at Oberlin College where he participated in the 3/2 engineering program, minored in physics, played ultimate frisbee, and spent his time climbing and practicing magic. He plans on studying mechanical engineering.

Project: Moving Forward: A Quantitative Examination of Drag-Reduction with Flexible Feet

Mentors: Dr. Christopher Richards, Dr. Angela Rivera

Funding: Rowland Institute


Thanard Kurutach is a rising sophomore, majoring in Mathematics and EECS at MIT. He grew up in Thailand and won a scholarship to study until Ph.D. He really enjoys sports especially soccer.

Project: Identification of unknown torque offsets for flight control of a robotic fly

Mentors: Prof. Rob Wood, Pakpong Chirarattananon

Funding: Wyss Institute


Corey Landry is a rising senior in Biological Engineering at Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge. He is interested in pursuing his Ph.D. and developing a point of care diagnostics for developing world clinics. In his spare time, he teaches English to refugees from Sudan, Nepal, Iraq, and Burma.

Project: Design of Synthetic Protein Membranes Using Droplet Microfluidics

Mentors: Prof. David Weitz, Peter Yunker

Funding: NNIN


Jefferson Lee is a rising senior in Mechanical Engineering at Olin College. His interest in Robotics began when he started a FIRST robotics team at his high school.

Project: Amorphous Construction Robot

Mentors: Prof. Radhika Nagpal, Nils Napp

Funding: Wyss Institute


Daniel Leichus is a rising sophomore, majoring in Mathematics and EECS at MIT. He grew up in Thailand and won a scholarship to study until Ph.D. He really enjoys sports especially soccer.

Project: An automated MATLAB toolbox to analyze human gait data

Mentors: Prof. Conor Walsh

Funding: Wyss Institute


Michelle Len is a rising senior studying Computer Science at the University of California - Santa Barbara (UCSB). She intends to pursue a Ph.D. in the interdisciplinary field of Computational Science. She enjoys dancing for Iaorana Te Otea, a Polynesian Dance Club at UCSB.

Project: Structural Finite Element Analysis: Beam-Element Models vs. Fully 3D Models, part of company Akselos

Mentors: Avi Shapiro, Daniel Weinstock

Funding: IACS


Ang (Kevin) Li is a rising senior studying biomedical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is interested in many areas of research, including gene therapy, drug delivery systems, and tissue engineering. He plans to pursue a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering after graduation. In his spare time, he likes to experiment with cooking different types of food.

Project: Curved Functionalized Microfluidic Channels for Study of Cell Dynamics

Mentors: Prof. David Weitz, Adrian Pegoraro, Tom Kodger

Funding: NNIN