About Us

Physical size: 3,000  SF
Location: SEC LL2.226

The Material Characterization & Analysis core is a satellite of the Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS), a shared-use core facility. The research equipment provided in the Materials Characterization & Analysis Core includes tools for analyzing microstructure, optical, chemical, mechanical, and particle analyses. The Core includes the following instruments: AFM, DMA, electrophoretic light scattering instrument, impedance analyzer, FTIR, interferometer, nanoindenter, particle counter, probe station, Raman, rheometer, TGA, and more.

Manager: Dr. Nicholas Colella

Dr. Colella has a Ph.D. in Polymer Science & Engineering and previously taught quantum mechanics and experimental physical chemistry in the Harvard Chemistry Department as a preceptor. His research publications have received over 1000 citations, and he is a six-time recipient of the Harvard University Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning Certificate of Excellence in Teaching.

email: colella@fas.harvard.edu


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