Robotics Core

The Allston-Science and Engineering Complex's Robotics core provides the SEAS robotics community access to essential equipment used for prototyping, manufacturing, and testing of robotic components and mechanical devices. This core is committed to providing a convenient suite of equipment used throughout the spectrum of prototype development and essential research.

Location: SEC 4th floor and LL2

The SEAS Robotics core is comprised of five main spaces spread throughout the SEC. The "Mini-Shop" serves as a space for rapid prototyping as well as a space for simple machining and fabrication tasks. The Mechanical Testing room offers mechanical testing machines, and a selection of handheld test and measurement devices. The Polymer Casting space contains equipment, materials, and tools necessary for casting and prototyping silicones and urethanes for use in soft robotics research. On the fourth floor, there is also a small photo studio furnished with high-spec cameras and accessories, necessary for capturing images of advanced research for publication. In the Lower Level of the building, adjacent to the Motion Capture Lab and Flight Lab, there is also a 10m/s wind tunnel with a 12"x12" test area. The core, dedicated to the SEAS robotics community, offers staff support for training, service, and project consultation.