Equipment Rates

  Harvard Internal Rates ($)* Harvard Affiliate Rates ($)* External Rates ($)*
Cell Spectral Analyzer - Cytek Aurora 27/hr 40.5/hr 54/hr
Cryostat - Thermosci HM 525 27.5/hr 41.25/hr 55/hr
GC-MS - Agilent 38/hr 57/hr 76/hr
GPC - Agilent 18.50/hr 27.75/hr 37/hr
HPLC - analytical - Agilent 16/hr 24/hr 32/hr
HPLC - purification - Agilent 16/hr 24/hr 32/hr
Imager - Licor Odyssey  24/hr 36/hr 48/hr
IVIS-Spectrum - Perkin Elmer  27.5/hr 41.25/hr 55/hr
LC-MS - Agilent 38.5/hr 57.75/hr 77/hr
Lyophilizer - Labconco  5/day** 7.50/day** 10/day**
Plate Reader - BioTek  2/hr 3/hr 4/hr
Rotary Evaporator - Heidolph  5/day  7.50/day  10/day
rt-PCR 96-well - BioRad  9.2/hr 13.8/hr 18.4/hr
rt-PCR 384-well - BioRad  9.2/hr 13.8/hr 18.4/hr
Spectrophotometer - NanoDrop (30 min res allowed) 1/hr or use 1.5/hr or use 2/hr or use
UV-VIS - Agilent  10/hr 15/hr 20/hr
Dry Ice  2.80/pound 4.2/pound 5.6/pound
Biosafety Cabinet $1/hr $1.5/hr $3/hr
Incubators shelf (carbon dioxide) - 1.5 shelves per reservation (2 per incubator) $10/month per lab $15/month $25/month
Microscope- EVOS $1/day $1.5/day $3/day
Freezer free (limited space per lab)*** free (limited space per lab)*** free (limited space per lab)***
Centrifuge free  free  free 
Milli-Q water  free free free
Rotavap free  free  free 
Fridge free (limited space per lab)*** free (limited space per lab)*** free (limited space per lab)***
Balance free  free  free 
Fume Hood free free free

MCB user fees

General user fees Harvard Internal rates ($) * Harvard affiliate rates ($) * External rates ($) *
Onboarding $0/onboarding $100/onboarding*^* $200/onboarding*^*


* Your Harvard/non-Harvard affiliation status is determined by whether you have a 33-digit internal billing code (Harvard Internal rates = users with Harvard 33-digit billing codes).  If this code is not available, you will be charged the non-Harvard rate based on the university overhead rate and ease of billing considerations. A list of Harvard affiliated institutions can be found here

** This rate is for one sample per day of equipment use. Multiple samples during the same day will result in multiple charges for that day. (i.e. If in one day you finish one sample, then start another, this would be considered two separate charges.)

*** There will be designated regions on the fridge/freezer. If capacity is reached in the fridge/freezer, labs will be asked to reduce their number of used regions. 

 *^* If the MCB needs to create or modify a Committee on Microbiological and Safety (COMS) protocol for a user that could include additional fees. To learn more about COMS, please visit here

Life Lab members receive a negotiated rate that is discounted from the external rate. Please reach out to the core manager for rates.

Updated: 2022 August 5th