Graduate Writing Advising

Suzanne Smith offers individualized consultations and workshops to assist Ph.D. students with their writing.  She works closely with students to improve papers, research and teaching statements, and grant and fellowship proposals. Suzanne does not edit or proofread your work, but she can help identify recurrent challenges in your writing and suggest strategies that you can use to overcome them. 

If you want to discuss a particular draft, please plan on sending a PDF of your draft as an email attachment by an agreed upon time prior to the appointment. If you would like to speak informally about writing-related concerns such as writer's block (rather than discussing a specific draft), you can also make an appointment to see Suzanne. Her focus is on writing rather than on procedural matters related to applications, proposals, and resumes. Overall, Suzanne helps SEAS Ph.D. students to heighten the impact of their research by refining their written communication skills. 

Students who wish to arrange individual consultations should email Suzanne Smith to make an appointment.