Breathable chocolate debuts

Bioengineer David Edwards launches Le Whif, a culinary art experiment originating with the help of Harvard students (

Chocoholics rejoice: A Harvard professor has invented a calorie-free way of experiencing the sweet obsession- by inhaling it.

Biomedical engineer David Edwards has created a mini-inhaler - dubbed Le Whif - that shoots a chocolate mist into one's mouth, mimicking, he says, the experience of savoring the real thing. The price tag is about $2 for four puffs.

Edwards is known in science circles for designing a more efficient way to deliver inhaled medicines by tinkering with the particle sizes, and he has tapped that science in his lipstick-size chocolate delivery gadget. The chocolate particles are small enough to shoot out of the brightly-colored inhaler, but too large to make it to the lungs.

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