Excellent teaching is in the Q

Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching honors teachers in SEAS across all concentrations who achieve Q scores of 4.5 and above

Although it does not evaluate teachers directly, the Bok Center uses the Q evaluation data gathered by the Registrar's Office to award the Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching to outstanding teaching fellows, teaching assistants, preceptors, and lecturers at a special reception each semester.

Award recipients achieve an overall score of 4.5 or above on the Q evaluation's 5-point scale, with 5 or more responses.

A list of Fall 2009 SEAS courses and the affiliated outstanding teachers who achieved the honor is below.

APMTH 21a Liem, Beatrice Erika Zi-Ling
APMTH 21a Ramudu, Eshwan
COMPSCI 121 Shnayder, Victor
COMPSCI 121 Wu, David
COMPSCI 141 Kanev, Svilen Nikolaev
COMPSCI 182 Harrison, Brett Alexander
COMPSCI 50 Aydede, Ayse Cansu
COMPSCI 50 Cao, Rose Ann
COMPSCI 50 Lloyd, Douglas Richard
COMPSCI 50 Malan, David J.
COMPSCI 50 Noronha, Jon Lawrence
COMPSCI 50 Parreno, Kenneth
COMPSCI 50 Quinn, Patrick Harlan
COMPSCI 50 Yamashita, Yuhki Brent
COMPSCI 50 Yip, Jonathan Karl-Meng
COMPSCI 61 Shnayder, Victor
COMPSCI 61 Wald, Gideon Wesley
ENG-SCI 130 Almeda, Dariela ENG-SCI 139 Aubrecht, Donald Michael ENG-SCI 147 Tan, Vaughn Yih Hann ENG-SCI 147 Van Vuuren, Hugo ENG-SCI 154 Sun, Nan ENG-SCI 167 Sun, Lu ENG-SCI 202 Sreetharan, Pratheev S. ENG-SCI 220 Mandre, Shreyas ENG-SCI 275 Wang, Dongxing

Topics: Environment, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Bioengineering, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, Academics