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Peter Rogers wins Julian Hinds Award

Honor from the American Society of Civil Engineers recognizes his contributions to the field of water resources development

Peter Rogers, Gordon McKay Professor of Environmental Engineering, has been selected by the Environmental Water Resources Institute to receive the 2010 Julian Hinds Award.

The award, given on behalf of the American Society of Civil Engineers, recognizes Rogers' longstanding commitment to the field of water resources development.

The citation reads: "For four decades of pioneering leadership, beginning with the Harvard Water Program, in water resource systems engineering, infrastructure planning and management, and water policy with particular concern for economic development and problems in developing regions."

Rogers, who received a B.Engineering from the University of Liverpool; M.S. in Engineering from Northwestern University, and Ph.D. from Harvard is a member of the American Academyof Environmental Engineering and the Third World Academy of Science,and is the recipient of the Maass-White Visiting Scholarship, and Guggenheim and Twentieth Century Fellowships.

His research interests include:

  • conflict resolution in international river basins;
  • improvedmethods for managing natural resources and the environment, with emphasis on the use of analytic optimizing methods to incorporate both the natural phenomena and the engineering controls;
  • impacts of global change on water resources, and the development of indices of environmental quality and sustainable development; and
  • interaction of land use planning and central management.

Hehas carried out extensive field and model studies on population, water and energy resources, and environmental problems in Costa Rica, Pakistan, India, China, the Philippines, Bangladesh and, to a lesser extent, in 25 other countries. His most recent work has focused on sustainable development with an emphasis on large cities in Asia.

The Julian Hinds Award recognizes achievements that advance engineering in the field of planning, development, and management of water resources.

The award, consisting of a plaque and a cash prize, will be given to Rogers during the World Environmental and Water Resources Congress on May 16-20, held in Providence, Rhode Island.

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