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Epstein's multi-agency truck safety initiative nets national award

Alexander Epstein, Ph.D. '12, (engineering sciences) was recently awarded the Federal Laboratory Consortium's national Excellence in Technology Transfer Award, along with his U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) team and city collaborators, for advancing the adoption of large truck side underride guards to protect pedestrians, bicyclists, and other unprotected road users in crashes with these vehicles. Epstein’s collaborators in the City of New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Cambridge were also recognized for their pioneering role in adopting the Volpe Center-developed technology, on the heels of recognition by the 2015 USDOT Secretary’s Award for Transportation Safety.

Epstein, who has served in the Volpe Center’s Office of Policy, Planning, and Environment since 2011, researches and accelerates the deployment of safety and sustainability enhancing technologies in fleets, and facilities, ranging from individual vehicles to entire airports.  

Read the FLC Award entry.

(Photo courtesy of the Federal Laboratory Consortium.)

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