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Alumni present Harvard data science workshop

Alumni Paul Blankley, S.M. ’18 (computational science and engineering) and Ryan Janssen, S.M. ’18 (computational science and engineering), as well as current student Camilo Fosco, M.E. '19 (engineering), presented a workshop on fairness in data science at the Institute for Applied Computational Science’s (IACS) 2019 ComputeFest.

They discussed new techniques that analyze the behavior of machine learning models and shed light on both interpretability and fairness, in an effort to combat the discrimination that can arise naturally in classifiers.

Blankley and Janssen are alumni of the IACS at SEAS and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

(From left) Paul Blankley, S.M. ’18, Ryan Janssen, S.M. ’18, and Camilo Fosco, M.E. '19

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