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Alumni startup acquired by Desktop Health

Nicole Black, Ph.D. ’20, co-founded Beacon Bio to advance biofabrication technology into commercial development

Nicole Black

Desktop Health has acquired Beacon Bio, a startup co-founded by Nicole Black, Ph.D. ’20 (materials science and mechanical engineering), to commercialize the PhonoGraft technology she co-developed.

PhonoGraft is an eardrum graft from a novel, 3D-printed biomaterial that can eliminate many shortcomings of traditional tympanoplasty surgery. Traditional tympanoplasty surgery is performed to repair the ruptured eardrum using skin or cartilage from a different part of the body.

Black will serve as vice president of biomaterials and innovation at Desktop Health. Based in Newport Beach, Calif., Desktop Health develops additive manufacturing solutions and advanced materials for personalized patient care.

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