Dean's Distinction Award

What is the Dean's Distinction Award?

The Dean's Distinction Award recognizes a small number of staff members for their outstanding collaboration and exceptional contribution to SEAS. Those who are nominated for Dean's Distinction Award should act with the highest integrity and serve as role models among staff. 

Types of Nominations:

  • Individual Dean's Distinction: A staff member can be nominated for Individual Dean's Distinction for their outstanding collaboration, and exceptional contributions in support of the teaching and research mission.  
  • Team Dean's Distinction: Teams consisting of up to eight staff members (and in some cases up to twelve*) can be nominated for Team Dean's Distinction for their outstanding collaboration and exceptional contributions. 

Who is eligible for the award?

  • Benefits-eligible, full-time or part-time staff 
  • Non-HUCTW and HUCTW staff 
  • Hired into a SEAS benefits-eligible position on or before 1/1/2023.
  • Job grade levels: 
    • 47 through 60 for Individual Dean's Distinction 
    • 47 through 64 for Team Dean's Distinction 
  • Less than Half Time (LHT) staff may be nominated as part of a Team's Dean Distinction Award, but are ineligible for the Individual Dean's Distinction Award. 

What is the nomination criteria?

When considering an individual or team to nominate, please keep the following principles in mind:

  • Cultivating a strong sense of community and connection at SEAS.   
  • Creating a humane and supportive work environment.   
  • Exceeding regular responsibilities and expectations (going above and beyond, even in the course of doing one’s regular job). 
  • Fostering diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging.   
  • Collaborating with the University’s best interest and mission in mind.   
  • Demonstrating ingenuity and creativity in their roles. 

If you have any questions about someone’s eligibility please contact Rowen Gray, SEAS HR Coordinator, at

How do I submit a nomination?

You can submit your nomination through the 2024 SEAS Recognition Awards Nomination Form. The submission period is from February 21 through March 8, 2024 at 11:59 pm. 

What do award honorees receive as part of the Dean's Distinction Award?

Honorees will receive a framed plaque. 

How will the winners of the award be announced?

Dean’s Distinction honorees will be announced at the All-Hands Meeting in April.