Letters of Appreciation Program

Purpose: This program is intended to publicly acknowledge and show appreciation for colleagues who perform above and beyond their normal duties.

This letter is sent to individuals who identify a work-related need and take the initiative to make a specific contribution and/or who skillfully handle a situation or problem by going above and beyond what is normally expected of them. The Appreciation Program is intended to recognize employee contributions on a timely basis, normally within days or weeks of achievement.

Eligibility: All full and part-time staff employees of SEAS are eligible to receive a letter of appreciation.

Nominations: Nominations are as simple as an email to HR, and must include specific reasons why the nominee is deserving of this recognition. If you would like to nominate a colleague, please send an email to Kim Harris, SEAS Assistant Dean for Human Resources. We look forward to receiving nominations for the SEAS Appreciation Program in recognition of your colleagues who consistently show outstanding effort in their work at SEAS. 

Announcement: The employee receiving the letter can determine if they would like to have the recognition publicized in the monthly SEAS newsletter. They will receive a letter of appreciation and a copy will be sent to their supervisor.