Quantum Science & Engineering

Join the quantum revolution at Harvard.

We are witnessing the birth of Quantum Science & Engineering, an event no less significant than the advent of the physics and engineering of electronics at the beginning of the last century. This new discipline demands new approaches to educating the rising generations of researchers who will require deep knowledge of science and engineering principles.

The quantum world of very small things has only recently been amenable to full control and this, in turn, has led to an explosion in potential applications, from new approaches to computation and communication, to more rapid drug discovery, and new sensors with unprecedented precision and resolution. We are at the frontier of the development of fully engineered quantum systems, starting from physical phenomena exhibited by quantum materials, integrating devices and systems subject to quantum architectures, and transforming the way in which we acquire, communicate, and process information.

Harvard University plays a leading role in the development of Quantum Science & Engineering. We invite you to learn more about our PhD program.