Who are my Advisors?

Students with questions about Applied Mathematics should contact the AM advising team by writing to am-advising@seas.harvard.edu.

AM Concentrators: during Crimson Cart advising periods, find concentrator-only appointment slots for Margo and Sarah on Canvas.

Margo Levine, co-Director of Undergraduate Studies
Pierce Hall 322A
Advising office hours: Book an advising slot on my appointment calendar (link is here) or contact us at am-advising@seas.harvard.edu if none of our times work for you.

Steven Gortler, co-Director of Undergraduate Studies
Maxwell Dworkin 241
Advising office hours: Book a slot on my appointment calendar (link is here), or contact am-advising@seas.harvard.edu.

Sarah Iams, co-Director of Undergraduate Studies
Pierce Hall 316
Advising office hours: my advising office hours will return in October 2024



Students with questions about pursuing a secondary field in Mathematical Sciences should contact am-advising@seas.harvard.edu or the Math Department.