Engage. Accelerate. Launch.

The SEAS community wants to see their work have outsized impact. Impact advancing the frontiers of science and engineering; impact training the next generation of researchers and teachers; and impact improving health, wellbeing, and equanimity across society globally.

One way we have that outsized impact is, in a word, venturing. We aim to solve the world’s most intractable—and often previously unknown—problems by marrying entrepreneurial zeal and rigorous science and technology. By example, here are just three ways we support the launch of ideas and ventures at SEAS, and many more are found at the Grid:

Tech & Entrepreneurship Center promotes the knowledge and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship through an experiential curriculum, featuring Start-up RAD, where cohorts of student-founders deep-dive on their venturing ideas, and ES139, the Innovation Masterclass, where some of the world's leading innovators deliver lectures on their brand of innovation. Since impactful innovation requires the novel application of both new and known ideas, those leading innovators come from all walks of life, from CEOs to magicians, to artists, to editors, to scientists, to Michelin star chefs.

Harvard Grid partners with SEAS faculty and students to help them lift tough tech ideas from labs to markets for big impact. Think of it as a hands-on catalyst, offering a litany of accelerants such as project funding, physical workspace, mentors/experts, early-stage investors, market engagement, tough tech-themed deep dives, and entrepreneurial events and programming.

Industry Partnerships connects a chorus of outside ideas and collaborations to the community at SEAS. In the spirit of both ‘problem first’ and ‘it takes a village,’ identifying the right problems to solve and working with vested collaborators and experts is essential to successful venturing journeys.