History of the Office

Frank Doyle

Frank Doyle

Term of Deanship: 2015 to 2023

Education: B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering, Princeton University; Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Caltech.

Cherry Murray

Photo of Cherry Murrary

Term of Deanship: 2009 to 2014

Education: B.S. and Ph.D., in Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Venkatesh "Venky" Narayanamurti

Photo of Venkatesh "Venky" Narayanamurti

Term of Deanship: 1998 to 2008.

Education: B.A. and M.A., in Physics, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University; Ph.D., in Physics, Cornell University.

Paul Martin

Photo of Paul Martin

Term of Deanship: 1977 to 1997.

Education: B.A and Ph.D. in Physics, Harvard University.

Harvey Brooks

Photo of Harvey Brooks

Term of Deanship: 1957 to 1975 (1915-2004).

Education: B.A. in Mathematics, Yale University. Ph.D.in Physics, Harvard University.

John Hasbrouck Van Vleck

Photo of John Hasbrouck Van Vleck

Term of Deanship: 1951 to 1957 (1899-1980).

Education: B.A., University of Wisconsin; M.A. and Ph.D., Harvard University.