Partnership Opportunities

There are many ways that your organization can actively engage with SEAS.


Sponsored Research – Whether through specific projects or broad alliance agreements, SEAS partners with industry to further both applied and fundamental research objectives. Our goal is to work with our industry partners to define and reach objectives that will positively impact society and the world we live in.

Commercialization and Technology Transfer – SEAS works in close partnership with the Harvard University Office of Technology Development (OTD) on research collaborations. In addition, OTD works with industry partners interested in licensing and commercialization opportunities. Please contact Sam Liss, Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships, at the Harvard Office of Technology Development for more information.

Gift Support – There are many opportunities to support the mission, vision and values of SEAS through gift support: whether unrestricted for support of the School’s strategic mission or targeted for such things as faculty and student support, research fellowships, post-doctoral fellowships and equipment.


Class Projects – Support the SEAS education mission by sponsoring senior/capstone projects or providing practical material for classes that use real-world cases in their framework.

Involvement with Student Clubs – Harvard’s student clubs are independently run organizations. Several clubs are involved in design, construction projects, hackathons, conferences, etc. and actively seek support and guidance from experienced professionals.

Company Presentations – In partnership with SEAS student clubs we schedule on-campus Tech Talks throughout the year.

Recruiting – SEAS is dedicated to connecting students with opportunities where they can utilize their skills and make a positive impact on society. Please visit our recruiting page to learn more.

Please contact Ellie Carlough, Director of Industry Partnerships, for further information about partnership opportunities.