European Job Portals and Fellowships & Short Stays in Europe

  1. EURAXESS - lists thousands of vacancies and fellowships in Germany, Europe and other parts of the world
  2. KoWi  - European Liaison Office of the German Research Association 
  3. - the leading job market and career advice for science and research in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  4. Research Gate - research jobs in Germany
  5. Tenure Track Positions Germany
  6. Computeroxy Academic Vacancies in Schools of Computer, Electrical, Mathematical Sciences and Engineering - worldwide
  7. Engineeroxy Academic Vacancies in Schools of Engineering and Technology
  8. NewScientist Jobs
  9. Academic Transfer - Academic positions in The Netherlands
  10. myScience Academic Positions in Switzerland

Fellowships and Short stays in Europe

  1. AROP (Advanced Research Opportunity in Aachen/Germany)
  2. INGENIUM at Technical University of Darmstadt/Germany  - no application deadline.
  3. Rising Stars Academy Freiburg/Germany
  4. Research Explorer Ruhr/ Germany
  5. Swiss Post Doctoral Fellowship 
  6. EPFL Cyber - Defence Fellowship