Bioengineering PhD Committee Meetings

The Bioengineering faculty expect PhD students to check in with their research committees at least annually following the qualifying exam.  These meetings are for the student's benefit in order to connect with and receive better advising from their committee members.

Starting in spring of G3 year, Bioengineering PhD students annually provide their research committee with a 1-2 page overview of their progress using this Google form ( login required), including:
            • publications submitted or in preparation;
            • overall progress, and the student’s self-assessment of their progress;
            • projected timeline for completion of the degree; and
            • any open questions they’re like to bring up with their committee members and/or ways in which the members could help.
If the student was delayed in taking the qualifying exam beyond mid-fall of G3 year, the CHD, in consultation with the student’s advisor(s) can elect to delay the due date of the first progress report (e.g., to fall of G4 year).
Students will submit the report via a Google Form so that the Office of Academic Programs can keep records. 

In Spring of G4 year (or approximately one year prior to the anticipated defense date, as determined by the advisor(s)), students will hold a short (30min - 1 hour) meeting with their full committee in order to present and discuss progress to date, plans for completing the degree, and any issues that have arisen. The meeting is for advising purposes and is not evaluative; details regarding its format are left to the student and committee, although there should be a portion during which the advisor is not present.

If the student, advisor, or committee feel it is warranted, they may also call for such a meeting in other years.