Research for Course Credit (ES 91R)

ES91r Project Form:

To enroll in ES91r, fill in all information in the Student section of this form and attach a detailed project description (minimum 250 words). Then, have your project adviser complete and sign the Faculty Instructor section of the form. Request instructor permission to enroll in ES91r through my.harvard, and submit the signed form via the Proposal Assignment in Canvas. If you are intending to use this course for concentration credit, the ADUS/DUS for your engineering area must approve the engineering content of your project. Instructor permission to enroll can only be granted after this completed application, including all required signatures, has been received by the ADUS/DUS on Canvas. This completed application form is due by the Course Registration Deadline of the semester you are enrolling. Late Adds will not be considered after the end of the first week of class. .