Joanna Aizenberg talks "extreme biomimetics" at TEDxBigApple

Lively video from the February event describes biologically inspired engineering of new materials (TEDxBigApple)

Joanna Aizenberg describes biomimetic materials. Photo courtesy of TEDxBigApple.

Taking inspiration from the lotus leaf and the pitcher plant to create ice-resistant and nonstick surfaces, Harvard professor Joanna Aizenberg draws on the genius of nature to create the materials of the future.

Aizenberg recently gave a lively talk at TEDxBigApple, describing the full breadth of her bio-inspired research. Video of the talk, titled "Extreme Biomimetics," appears below.

Joanna Aizenberg is the Amy Smith Berylson Professor of Materials Science at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the Susan S. and Kenneth L. Wallach Professor at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology in Harvard's Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Co-Director of the Kavli Institute for Bionano Science and Technology at Harvard, and a Core Member of the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard.

TEDxBigApple - Joanna Aizenberg - Extreme Biomimetics

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Amy Smith Berylson Professor of Materials Science and Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Biology