Helpful Tips for Zoom Hosts/Presenters


  • Try to use a hardwired internet connection (i.e., an ethernet cable from your modem directly to your computer). This will ensure a more stable internet connection than wifi.

  • Check your internet speed well in advance (Zoom minimum requirements here) in case troubleshooting is needed. Discuss with your internet provider and/or your local IT department if help is needed.

  • Disconnect from VPN if possible. VPN can create bandwidth issues for some computers resulting in an unstable Zoom connection. 

  • Close all unnecessary internet tabs and other programs that may consume bandwidth and/or create distracting background noise (e.g., notification sounds) the less things running on your computer, the better. 

  • Put cellphone and other devices on silent.

  • Secure closed captioning to ensure all attendees can equally participate. Click here for information.

  • Schedule a test-run at least one week in advance with all support staff and presenters to be sure Zoom is working properly for everyone (e.g., microphone, screen share, video, etc.). This will ensure that everyone is familiar with the technology and on the same page in regards to settings / who's doing what. 

  • Log in early the day of the event to double check settings and functionality (i.e., microphone, screen share, video, etc. are working properly for all presenters). 


  • Be sure "Hide Non-Video Participants" is checked. This setting is located in the Zoom desktop version under "Video." It will allow support staff and other presenters to "disappear" from the audience view when necessary. This is particularly helpful when using Zoom Webinar. 

  • Enable wait room (Zoom Meeting) and practice session (Zoom Webinar) to create a private space (similar to a green room) for presenters and support staff to prep prior to the event beginning. 

  • Any event that is posted publicly should utilize pre-registration. Zoom's built-in registration feature is recommended for its ease of use and efficiency.  

  • Review the following settings with the event lead/planning team to determine what is preferred (launch a personal or test meeting to see options available under each category):

    • Chat

    • Participants

    • Record

    • Breakout Rooms

    • Polls/Surveys

    • Q&A (Zoom Webinar-only)

    • Audience View (Zoom Webinar-only)

    • Raise Hand and Attendee Count (Zoom Webinar-only)