• If there is a loud, screeching sound while on a Zoom, it could be two computers/devices in the same room joined to a Zoom meeting. Keep computers/devices separated or mute one.
  • Check the participant list and mute anyone not speaking if any strange audio sounds occur. This is the most frequent issue/solution.


  • Occasionally, presenters can encounter difficulty clicking their first slide forward. If this occurs, try clicking the arrows in the lower left corner of your presentation to move to the next slide. Usually, your mouse and keyboard arrows will work after that.


  • Slow internet speeds is the most frequent cause of connection issues. Check your internet speeds, as well as Zoom's minimum requirements here
  • Large files (presentation or other) can cause anyone with the file opened to disconnect. This is very computer dependent. Talk to your local IT department to review your computer's ability to handle large files. Compressing all images used in your presentation is also helpful.