AB/SM Information

Harvard College students are eligible to apply for an AB/SM degree program in any area of SEAS, excluding the Masters in Design Engineering (MDE), Data Science, and MS/MBA: Engineering Sciences programs. Applications to the AB/SM program must be submitted in the Fall term of the student’s junior year. Each applicant must submit a complete application to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS).

Important: We do not offer an SB/SM degree program. 

SEAS SM programs are almost entirely composed of 200-level technical courses, most of which require significant background in the subject. While the AB/SM program itself does not have specific prerequisites, in order to be considered for admission to the SM program applicants will need to demonstrate that they have gained sufficient prior knowledge, attained through pre-requisite courses or equivalent demonstrable experience. Specifically, success in 200-level courses, or 100-level courses which are prerequisites for 200-level courses, in the chosen degree subject will be taken as evidence of adequate preparation for admission into the SM.

Final approval of courses that may be counted towards a SEAS graduate degree are the purview of the SEAS Committee on Higher Degrees (CHD), which is a body composed of faculty from across the school. Any student seeking a graduate degree from SEAS must submit a proposed course list (the “Program Plan”) for review by the CHD for adherence to the stated degree requirements:

Exceptions to those requirements may only be granted by the CHD, following a written petition.

This means that, aside from specific courses stated in an area’s degree requirements, no course can be guaranteed to count for the degree until the CHD has reviewed the course in the context of a Program Plan. Program Plans from College students may only be submitted to the CHD after the student has been admitted to the AB/SM program and has been assigned an SM advisor.

Prior to being admitted to the AB/SM program, students with questions about which courses may fulfill SM degree requirements should carefully review the links above.

The AB/SM is for currently enrolled Harvard College students only. Follow this link for more information about the AB/SM program, application process, and a registration link for our Fall virtual information sessions (October 18, 2022 at noon ET and Wednesday November 9, 2022 at 4pm ET).