Scientific Instrument Shop

The Scientific Instrument Shop is a mechanical fabrication shop that offers design work of Instruments for the University and affiliates. The shop is available to collaborate with ongoing designs/projects and offer assistance with design for manufacturability.

While based at SEAS, the shop is open for use to all departments at Harvard. Past clients have included the FAS departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Geology; the Harvard Libraries and the Museums; and the Schools of Law, Medicine, and Public Health. The shop also occasionally offers services for outside universities and national research labs.

Todd D DellaPorta

Manager for Scientific Instrument Machine Shop


52 Oxford Street NW B1 152B

(617) 496-2991

Allen Chandler

Allen F. Chandler

Scientific Instrument Maker

Jesse H Ward

Scientific Instrument Maker

Devon J. Mullen

Experimental Research Machinist

Experimental Research Machinist II