Ignacio Troncoso

Ignacio E. Becker Troncoso


150 Western Avenue, Room 1.312-05, Allston

Julie Bodden

Julie G Bodden

Administrative Coordinator

150 Western Avenue, Room 1.312-02, Allston

Brittany C Buzzutto

Brittany C Buzzutto

Events & Communications Coordinator for Master's and Professional Programs 

150 Western Ave, Room 1.405


Catherine Chute

Catherine A. Chute

Assistant Dean for Professional and External Programs

150 Western Avenue, Room 1.409, Allston

Sheila Coveney

Director for Master’s Programs

150 Western Avenue, Room 1.312-03, Allston

Chris Gumb

Chris Gumb


150 Western Avenue, Room 1.312-11, Allston

Jolene C Lehr

Jolene C Lehr

Assistant Director for Professional Programs

150 Western Avenue, Room 1.410, Allston

Weiwei Pan

Weiwei Pan

Assistant Director of Graduate Studies in Data Science

150 Western Avenue, Room 1.312-04

Pavlos Protopapas

Scientific Program Director and Lecturer

150 Western Avenue, Room 1.312-06, Allston

Pavlos Protopapas is the Scientific Program director and has had a long and distinguished career as a scientist and data science educator, and currently teaches the CS109 course series for basic and advanced data science at Harvard University, as well as the capstone course (industry-sponsored data science projects) for the SEAS master’s program at Harvard. Pavlos has a Ph.D in theoretical physics from the University of Pennsylvania and has focused recently on the use of machine learning and AI in astronomy, and computer science. He was Deputy Director of the National Expandable Clusters Program (NSCP) at the University of Pennsylvania, and was instrumental in creating the Initiative in Innovative Computing (IIC) at Harvard. Pavlos has taught multiple courses on machine learning and computational science at Harvard, and at summer schools, and at programs internationally.

Abby Rahn

Abby Rahn

Academic Operations Administrator

150 Western Avenue, Room 1.312-12, Allston

Brandon Tilghman

Brandon M. Tilghman

Manager for Student Engagement and Programs

150 Western Avenue, Room 1.312-09, Allston

Daniel S Weinstock

Director for Master’s Education

150 Western Avenue, Room 1.312-08, Allston