The Office of Academic Programs works with other offices at SEAS and throughout Harvard to enhance and support the student experience.

Wellness Resources

CaMHS Cares logo

CaMHS Cares logo







Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
CAMHS offers in-person counseling, a 24/7 mental health support line (617-495-2042), as well as workshops and support groups.  CAMHS seeks to support students who are experiencing any measure of distress in their lives.  This may include bereavement, adjustment difficulties, depression anxiety, stress, concerns interfering with work or relationships, sexual concerns, or high-risk behaviors around food, alcohol, or other substances.

TimelyCare is a virtual health and wellbeing platform for Harvard Students to find providers who can offer support for a wide range of common concerns, including scheduled counseling, psychiatry, and self-care content. You can go to or download the TimelyCare app to access care.

We're All Human mental health campaign

We're All Human mental health campaign logo




We’re All Human is a university-wide mental health awareness campaign that explores ways to make counseling and mental health services more accessible. It also addresses mental health, sexual climate, inclusiveness, isolation, and belonging. Learn more about the campaign, its resources, and support services available to students, faculty, and staff.

Harvard University Health Services (HUHS)
HUHS provides high quality, comprehensive health care including primary care and mental health counseling.

Center for Wellness and Health Promotion (CWHP)
CWHP works to cultivate a happy, healthy, and engaged Harvard community through education and promotion of holistic health and wellbeing.  Students can participate in a wide range of offerings, including workshops that highlight activities to enhance wellbeing, such as massage and acupuncture services, yoga, meditation, Pilates, and other group classes.

GSAS Student Services
The GSAS Office of Student Services is the go-to office for GSAS students.  Staff provide advice and ongoing support and make referrals to other services as necessary.  A case manager is available to meet with students having academic or personal difficulties.

SEAS InTouch (for Graduate Students)
InTouch is a peer-to-peer support network, for grad students, by grad students.

Diversity Peer Educators (for Undergraduate Students)
Undergraduates are trained student facilitators who utilize their passion for inclusion, intersectionality, and social justice to help create a better Harvard community.

University-wide Resources in Times of Crisis
These resources include contact information for assistance if your physical safety is threatened, you are targeted by online harassment, or you need support for your mental health and wellbeing. Also has information on other support resources and services and guidance for faculty and staff seeking assistance for themselves or for students or other community members.

Academic Resources

SEAS Graduate Writing Advisor
Dr. Suzanne Smith offers individualized consultations and workshops to assist Ph.D. students with their writing.  Dr. Smith works closely with students to develop and improve papers as well as research statements and grant and fellowship proposals.  Email Dr. Smith to arrange for an individual consultation:

GSAS Fellowships and Writing Center (FWC)
The FWC works with GSAS students at all stages of their careers who seek to improve their academic papers, dissertations, and presentations by fostering and refining their written and oral communication skills.

GSAS Office of Student Affairs
The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for the welfare of graduate students and monitors their academic status, progress, and discipline.  View more GSAS resources here.

Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning
By supporting experimentation, innovation, and evidence-based practices, the Bok Center seeks to create transformational learning experiences for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates in Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences. 

Harvard College Writing Center
The Writing Center is available to undergraduate SEAS students who need assistance in all aspects of their writing, from specific assignments to general skills. 

Advising Project
Launched by GSAS Dean Emma Dench, The Advising Project is an in-depth initiative focused on improving the advising experience of Master's and Ph.D. students at GSAS.  The Project partners with faculty, students, and staff across GSAS to support effective advising relationships that allow our diverse community of graduate students to flourish as scholars and develop as professionals in their chosen fields.

SEAS Active Learning Labs (ALL)
The ALL fosters an environment in which student learning and support extend beyond the classroom.  The ALL partners with SEAS faculty to execute their vision of hands-on engineering experiences and design projects for students.

Technology and Entrepreneurship Center (TECH)
TECH advances the understanding and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship through experiential education.

Career Resources

SEAS Office of Experiential and Career Development
Dr. Keith Karasek meets with students to discuss questions about career services and events, internships, job fairs, student clubs, and NECTAR student funding.


Non-discrimination and Anti-bullying Resources and Policies

In fall 2023 the University has adopted new policies and procedures to address discrimination and bullying.  These policies apply to all students, faculty, staff, researchers and other members of the Harvard community across all Schools and units, including SEAS.  The University’s non-discrimination and anti-bullying policies can be found here:

Whenever a formal complaint of discrimination or bullying is investigated in accordance with the University’s non-discrimination and anti-bullying policies and procedures, and those procedures result in a finding that a policy violation has occurred, then sanctions or remedial measures will be determined by FAS's or SEAS's Appropriate Official or designee(s), as set forth in those procedures.  The FAS or SEAS Appropriate Official or designee(s) must accept the finding of a policy violation as final and non-reviewable. The only opportunity to appeal the determination of a policy violation is provided within the University’s non-discrimination and anti-bullying policies and procedures.  Decisions about sanctions and remedial measures are final and cannot be appealed.

The following Local Designated Resources in SEAS or in FAS and Harvard Griffin GSAS, serve as a resource for receiving reports and complaints, directing community members to resources, and providing information on supportive measures:

  • If you need guidance about a situation involving a SEAS/GSAS graduate student, contact Seth Avakian.
  • If you need guidance about a situation involving a SEAS/FAS faculty member, contact Pamela Galowitz or Stephanie Clendenin in the FAS Office of Faculty Affairs.
  • If you need guidance about a situation involving a SEAS staff member, contact Heidi Shea.

At FAS and SEAS, the following individuals have been designated as Appropriate Officials, who serve as the final authority to issue any sanctions under the University’s non-discrimination and anti-bullying policies:

  • For situations involving FAS/SEAS tenured or tenure-track faculty, the Appropriate Official is Dean Hopi Hoekstra or their designee.  For situations involving non-tenure-track faculty, postdocs or teaching assistants, the Appropriate Official is Dean Nina Zipser or their designee.
  • For situations involving Harvard Griffin GSAS graduate students, the Appropriate Official is Dean Bill Stackman or their designee.
  • For situations involving SEAS staff members, the Appropriate Official is Dean Kim Harris or their designee.


Other Resources

SEAS Building Guides [HarvaryKey login required]
Note also SEAS's guidelines for protest activities on our campus.

SEAS Audio-Visual Assistance
Students who need audio-visual services while on either the Allston or Cambridge campus, should reach out to the SEAS A/V Office by emailing or calling (617) 496-1014.

Office of Sustainability
The Harvard Office of Sustainability has developed university-wide programs to fuel on-the-ground action and collaborative problem-solving related to environmental and social sustainability on campus.

Harvard College Admissions
Contact the Harvard College Admissions Office with questions about undergraduate admissions.  SEAS is not involved with the undergraduate admissions process and all questions should be directed to the Harvard College Admissions Office.