Biological Engineering

The ALL Bioengineering Lab is equipped with start-of-the-art instrumentation to support hands-on instruction for SEAS students and educators. The lab supports bioengineering curriculum covering a wide range of topics including biomaterials, quantitative physiology, biological signaling, cellular and tissue engineering, microfluidics, drug delivery, and biological imaging. It also serves as a space and resource for students conducting capstone projects or working on innovative research for extracurricular clubs.

The Bioengineering Lab is fully equipped with essential lab reagents and equipment, as well as specialized research-grade instrumentation. In addition to an expansive main room with work benches and four chemical fume hoods, we have a separate suite dedicated to cell culture and houses six laminar flow hoods and six cell incubators. We also feature an imaging suite with two digital confocal live-cell imaging systems, three fluorescence microscopes, and one image processing station.


Meet the Team

Melissa Hancock

Director for Active Learning, Biological and Environmental Engineering



Avery Normandin

Senior Biological and Environmental Engineer