Electrical Engineering

The ALL Electrical Engineering Labs are state-of-the-art instructional facilities that support SEAS students and educators in the implementation of hands-on learning experiences. Welcoming you to the lab is a team of engineers with a wealth of technical and pedagogical experience. The labs support curricula covering a wide range of topics including circuits, devices, transduction, computing hardware, signals, communications, control systems, and microfabrication, as well as cross-disciplinary overlap like robotics, biosignal processing, audio engineering, design theory, and instrumentation for bioelectric signal transduction or environmental sciences. These spaces also serve as a community resource for students looking to receive support on independent and course-related projects, research initiatives, or in the context of extracurricular clubs and activities. The ALL Electrical Engineering Labs are inclusive spaces where students, regardless of their prior experience, can engage with electrical engineering to expand their skills and knowledge with tailored support.

The ALL Electrical Engineering Labs consist of a pair of large-scale instructional spaces that are home to two dozen workbenches, each equipped with an oscilloscope, function generator, power supply, digital multimeter, soldering iron, and software-packed workstation. For project support, SEAS students and affiliates can call on the services and resources of the ALL Electrical Engineering Shop, which houses a pick-and-place PCB assembly line, equipment for manual assembly, and a wide range of components, materials, tools and equipment, including 3D stereo microscopes, digital microscopes with video capture, LCR meters, RF signal generators, and network, spectrum, and logic analyzers. Specialized experimental setups for EE electives supported by Active Learning engineers are housed in a separate open concept space, designed to promote interdisciplinary collaboration.