SM Degree Requirements

Requirements for the SM degree address the learning outcomes.  A total of eight courses are required.

Each student's plan of study for the SM degree will include:

  • AM 205 "Advanced Scientific Computing: Numerical Methods"
  • at least 2 of the other 3 core courses:
    • AM 207 "Advanced Scientific Computing: Stochastic Methods for Data Analysis, Inference and Optimization
    • CS 205 "Computing Foundations for Computational Science"
    • AC 207 "Systems Development for Computational Science"
  • at least one research experience.  This requirement can be satisfied by the AC 297r Capstone project course.
  • at least one Applied Math elective and one Computer Science elective. Courses often chosen to satisfy these electives are listed here.
  • up to two “domain electives”—approved courses within a domain of study outside of Computer Science or Applied Math. If two domain electives are included in the plan of study at least one of them must be computation-intensive.
  • up to four credits (two semesters) of the AC 298r seminar course.
  • up to one semester of an Independent Study (AC 299r) as an elective.

NOTE: Students can include at most 3 100-level courses in their 8 course Plan of Study.