Applied Physics PhD Committee Meetings

The faculty expect PhD students to meet with their research committees at least annually following the qualifying exam.  These meetings are for the student's benefit in order to connect with and receive better advising from their committee members.  The goal of the meetings is to review progress made to date, in a constructive and productive environment.

Students should arrange brief individual ("1:1") meetings with their committee members to discuss research progress, funding, as well as about the climate within the group in general and between advisor and student in particular.  In addition to filling out this self-evaluation form ( login required), the student composes a short report on paper for the committee members, containing

  1. 1-2 paragraphs describing scientific progress
  2. List of publications, if any
  3. Conference presentations, if any
  4. Anticipated date of graduation
  5. If you expect to graduate in a year or less, please indicate what steps you have taken, or are planning to take, regarding post-graduation career planning

Note that some faculty may prefer for these meetings to take place within a specific time window (e.g., late spring) each year; be sure to consult with your committee members well in advance so that you can take any such preferences into account.  Either the student or the advisor can opt for a full-committee meeting instead of 1:1 meetings.