EE PhD G3+ Committee Meetings

In order to provide stronger student-faculty connections, each of SEAS’ areas expects post-qual (i.e., G3+) PhD students to meet with members of their research committees at least annually.  These meetings are for the student's benefit in order to connect with faculty and receive more broad-based advising.  The Office of Academic Programs will ask students to say when the meeting took place as part of the “advising agreement” questionnaire each spring.

For EE students the process includes:

  • 1:1 meetings (of 10-30 minutes) between the student and each committee member each spring
  • The student or advisor can opt for a full-committee meeting instead of 1:1 meetings if they so wish.  If so, the advisor must leave the room for part of the time in order to allow for open discussion of interpersonal relationships
  • No formal assessment; the only indication asked for is "okay" v. "concern" with optional comments (e.g., via a simple paper or web form)
  • The student is to prep a very brief, informal written summary of their progress (including any publications) and any frustrations they’ve experienced
  • During the meetings the discussion should touch on those topics as well as on the advisor/student relationship and research group climate

The student and advisor are encouraged to form a post-qual research committee.  If no new committee has been formed, the default is the qualifying exam committee without the Dean's Nominee.  However, non-SEAS/FAS faculty are not necessarily expected to take part in these annual meetings.