DIB Fellows

The DIB Fellows are a group of 5 graduate and undergraduate students at SEAS who work with the DIB office in the hopes of furthering DIB efforts at SEAS. We help to support the following projects and work on our own ideas and initiatives:

  • Recruitment and outreach for SEAS academic areas particularly focused on groups historically underrepresented in STEM this includes, but is not limited to, underrepresented racially minoritized (URM) students, women, First Generation and Low-Income students, LGBTQAI+ students, and students who identify as disabled. 
  • Conducting trainings related to issues within DIB and Equity in STEM, including Inclusive Pedagogy in STEM trainings for SEAS CA's and TF's. 
  • Plan and/or support events and programming centered on issues within DIB and Equity in STEM and enhancing the sense of community in SEAS.
The SEAS Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) is excited to announce the SEAS DIB Fellows Program for AY 2022-202

Submit a cover letter and resume to pbooke@seas.harvard.edu

Applications are due by September 23, 2022.