Meet the Fellows!

The DIB Fellows would love to get to know you, so please come up and say hi if you see us! We would love to hear your thoughts on what we can do to improve DIB at SEAS through the feedback form below or even in-person. Looking forward to seeing you around!


Amari Griffin

MS/MBA student

  • Where have you considered to be home?
    Chicago. Lived there pretty much my whole life.
  • Where did you attend undergrad?
    University of Illinois at Chicago
  • What drew you to your program?
    I chose to pursue a dual degree program because I wanted the opportunity to completely pivot in my career path if I wanted to. The MBA allows me to understand the fundamentals and general knowledge needed to effectively manage a business. While the MS in Engineering Sciences allows me to continue developing my technical skills while also allotting me the opportunity to explore other areas of engineering that I did not previously have the opportunity to explore.
Amari as a DIB Fellow:
  • What do you enjoy most about being in STEM?
    • What I enjoy most about STEM are the people I often come in contact with. Whether I am in school or at work, the people are always full of new ideas and a passion to innovate. It continuously inspires me to seek out new ways to create to make a difference in the world. 
  • Why did you apply to be a SEAS DIB Student Fellow?
    • Being a Black woman in engineering, I have often experienced what it felt like to be the minority in a room. I know the pressure to perform and the hesitance to show any uncertainty or struggle when working on a difficult task. I wanted to become a SEAS DIB Student Fellow because I want to help other students in the short-term help cope with being the minority while also looking long-term to ensure that STEM is more diverse and inclusive for all.
  • How do you spend your time outside of being a student and DIB student fellow?
    • I love to bowl and play volleyball. I also love going to the movies. But what I enjoy most is napping. I consider myself a professional napper.


Mia Polansky

EE PhD student

I'm Mia, a fifth year Ph.D. student working with Professor Todd Zickler in Computer Vision (technically EE) . I received my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Rice University in 2017—though it took a year of pre-med courses for me to find my way to engineering, and I will forever be grateful that I eventually did. 





Mia as a DIB Fellow:

Why did you apply to be a SEAS DIB Student Fellow?

    • Just as I attribute my switch to engineering as chance, my path to graduate school started when I responded to an listserv email advertising a summer research position; before that, engineering research was a mythical subject to me. As a DIB fellow, I want to ensure that any Harvard undergrads with an interest in research (and those who have yet to realize their interest!) have the resources and knowledge to get started. 
  • How do you spend your time outside of being a student and DIB student fellow?
    • When I'm not attending to my research or DIB duties, you can find me pampering my rescue poodle Tuzi, drawing on my iPad, playing hidden identity board games with friends, and once in a while, going on a jog (pre-covid, I had marathon aspirations, though we'll see if that desire returns in 2022). I love chocolate and coffee (ideally together), can't stand raw tomatoes, and plan my days and vacations around food. If you're wondering if research might be for you, have any questions on how to get started, want to hear me rant about raw tomatoes, or have any other related or unrelated questions or concerns, please reach out because I'm always happy to talk!


Winston Michalak

BS Electrical and Electronics Engineering 

My name is Winston, and I am a senior at the College studying electrical engineering. I hail from the great city of Evanston, IL, and on campus I live in Pforzheimer House. One aspect about engineeringI really enjoy is its versatility and breadth, and I think studying engineering against the backdrop of Harvard's liberal arts core curriculum is a really rewarding way to pursuing a degree at SEAS.

Winston as a DIB Fellow:
  • Why did you apply to be a SEAS DIB Student Fellow?
    • I decided to become a SEAS DIB Fellow because I wanted to give back. SEAS has afforded me an unparalleled education and incredible experiences working with and learning from professors and peers. As a DIB fellow, I hope to pay my experience forward so that others may take advantage of the same opportunities that SEAS has granted me.
  • How do you spend your time outside of being a student and DIB student fellow?
    • Outside of being a student and a student fellow, I love hanging out with friends and walking through Harvard Yard


Shi Le Wong

AB/SM Applied Mathematics with Psychology

Shi Le is a senior at Harvard College pursuing an AB/SM in Applied Mathematics. She is born and raised in Singapore surrounded by many cousins. As a first-gen student, she went into college not really knowing what to expect and bounced around in the natural sciences and social sciences, before finally settling on Applied Math. She really enjoys AM since it allows her to combine her interests in both quantitative, STEM curriculums and people-oriented, humanistic lenses of psychology.

Shi Le as a DIB Fellow:


  • Why did you apply to be a SEAS DIB Student Fellow?
    • I was fortunate to meet a lot of wonderful people in my AM classes, including faculty, staff and fellow students. I was also very interested in understanding more about diversity work, and normalizing the narrative that STEM is not as objective as we think it is and we should actively acknowledge that and work to be more inclusive. Hence, I thought being a SEAS DIB Student Fellow would be a great place for me to grow and contribute to efforts in a community that I feel deeply connected to.
  • How do you spend your time outside of being a student and DIB student fellow?
    • I find jogging really boring but I also recognize its value for health and would like myself to do it more. So to reconcile that, I like to watch food videos while I jog because I love watching food videos. Coming from Singapore where great, cheap food is available everywhere, it is also a nice way of connecting back to home when I watch these videos. I also love going into the outdoors with friends (and then going for good food)!