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Building Relationships, Increasing Diversity, and Growing Engineers

BRIDGE Week is an annual event to recognize the importance of diversity in STEM, discuss current challenges, and learn how to foster a safe and welcoming STEM environment for all backgrounds and identities. This initiative started 2018 as a collaboration between the National Society of Black Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. The BRIDGE Banquet is the cornerstone event of the week. Student leaders select a SEAS alum that has made an impact on society and paved the way for future generations of engineers. To submit ideas for future BRIDGE Week events or honorees, contact 


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Alumni Panel (Hybrid)

Mon, April 4th | 5PM - 6PM | [NEW] SEC 3.302

IBM Researcher · Kleinfelder Engineer · Microgrid Systems Modeler & Analyst


Come hear from SEAS alumni in different industries on the realities of DIB at the workplace, and get tips on how to navigate industry as a URM or how to be an ally!

Food will be provided!

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DIB@SEAS Workshop (In-person)

Tue, April 5th | 4PM - 5.30PM | SEC 2.330

Organized with the Harvard College Engineering Society (HCES)

What channels are there to improve DIB at SEAS?

Come hear from DIB Committee members and Fellows about behind-the-scenes work. Join small groups to workshop a roadmap and action plan for DIB at SEAS!

Food will be provided!

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BRIDGE Banquet

Wed, April 6th | 6PM - 8PM

Keynote Speaker: Professor Raquel Hill

Professor and Chair of Computer and Information Sciences, Spelman College

The BRIDGE Banquet is the cornerstone event of BRIDGE week. Student leaders at SEAS honor a SEAS alumnus that has made an impact on society and paved the way for future generations of engineers. 




BRIDGE Week 2022 WiCS Panel Poster

Women in CS Panel (Hybrid)

Thu, April 7th | 12.30PM - 1.30PM | SEC 3.301

Organized by Harvard Women in Computer Science (WiCS)

Come hear from WiCS seniors and alumni about the amazing work they have done with WiCS while at SEAS, and how they went on to become founders and product directors at tech companies!

Food will be provided!

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IMMAW: Voices for Diversity in STEM Speaker Event

Fri, April 8th | 12PM - 1PM | Virtual

Featuring Professor Gerald Torres, Professor of Environmental Justice and Law at Yale University

Come join us for a conversation with Professor Torres on how his work impacts minorities and fosters greater inclusion.

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    Building Better Bridges

    In Second Annual BRIDGE Week, Harvard SEAS Celebrates Diversity in STEM

    BRIDGE Week 2021 Archives

    BRIDGE WEEK 2021

    Tuesday, April 6th

    The Intersections of STEM and Social Justice Series @ 12 PM EST

    Dr. Renata Konrad


    Dr. Renata Konrad, Associate Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    Title: "Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts and the Potential of Engineering and Analytical Techniques"

    Presentation Objectives:
    · Identify opportunities for engineers and mathematicians to aid policy makers, service providers, law enforcement personnel, and other researchers counter human trafficking activity.
    · Acknowledge challenges of modeling in these environments.
    · Highlight the benefits of incorporating mathematical models into the decision-making process through illustrative examples.


    Dr. Jhacova Williams

    A Virtual Fireside Chat w/ Dr. Jhacova Williams @ 6 PM EST 


    Dr. Jhacova Williams is an applied microeconomist focusing primarily on economic history and cultural economics. Her previous work has examined Southern culture and the extent to which historical events have impacted the political behavior and economic outcomes of Southern Blacks. Recent examples include historical lynchings and the political participation of Blacks; and Confederate symbols and labor market differentials. She has also done a series of projects investigating the role of structural racism in shaping racial economic disparities in labor markets. 


    Wednesday, April 7th

    LGBTQIA+ in STEM Panelists

    LGBTQAI+ in STEM Panel Discussion @ 12 PM EST


    Recent studies indicate that many students and academics in STEM fields who identify as LGBTQ+ do not feel comfortable or safe to be out in their work environments, and experience harassment at higher rates than other individuals. This event aims to raise the visibility of and celebrate LGBTQA+ people in STEM. In this panel discussion, we’ll hear from STEM professionals and academics about their academic and career path and their insight on challenging inequities for LGBTQAI+ people in these spaces.

    Thursday, April 8th

    SEAS Alumni Diversity Panel @ 12 PM EST


    The Office of Career Development invites you to hear from four recent graduates about their experiences, achievements, and challenges they’ve faced in the professional world. 

    Engineering Clinical Trials for Diverse Populations & Equitable Outcomes @ 3:15 PM EST

    Engineering Clinical Trials for Diverse Populations and Equitable Outcomes Flyer


      Panelists will discuss the role of scientists and engineers in the design and development of equitable vaccine clinical trials. The panel will address how specific populations have been historically marginalized in the drug development process, and how critical planning and implementation can help ensure better outcomes for all.


      Friday, April 9th 

      Addressing Anti-Asian Racism in the U.S.: Past and Present @ 3 PM EST


        This panel will explore the history and impact of anti-Asian racism within the U.S., particularly in connection with the Model Minority Myth and STEM. Panelists will also touch on the history of the creation Asian American as an identity group, and tackle both its positives as a solidarity term and issues concerning the numerous different ethnicities it is meant to represent.

        Past BRIDGE Banquet Honorees

        Past BRIDGE Banquet Honorees:

        • 2018 Honoree: Stephanie Wilson, SB '88, NASA Astronaut
        • 2019 Honoree: Michi Garrison, AB '83, VP of Research & Development, Intervene, Inc.
        Past BRIDGE Events

        Past BRIDGE Events:

        • Out in STEM
        • STEM for Social Justice
        • Diversifying STEM Graduate Education Workshop for Undergraduates
        • The Lean, Agile Evolution of Assistive Technology
        • Microaggressions and Implicit Bias Workshop