About Us

Th MCB is a self-service use facility located in SEC LL2.232. The Core manager assists with onboarding, equipment training, maintaining equipment, facilitating service through vendors, ensuring compliance, develops and implements standard operating procedures, ensures effective communication with users, and maintains a clean and safe working environment. Equipment - some specific consumables are provided by the Core. 

We help link to other Harvard cores as well as facilitate counseling services with vendor technicians. 

The SEAS MCB core provides a Cytek Aurora cell spectral analyzer, a plate reader, centrifuges, 96-well and 384-well plate rtPCRs, a cryostat, a lyophilizer, a rotovap (rotary evaporator), a Nanodrop spectrophotometer, an IVIS Spectrum Imager, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, tissue culture BSCs and incubators, and an Evos optical microscope. In addition there are process and analytical HPLCs, GPC, GC-MS, and LC-MS available for usage. The core offers staff support (from SEAS Science Operations and the Harvard Center for Mass Spectrometry) for training and service. 

Users are responsible for operating safely in the Core, reserving equipment, reporting equipment issues as soon as the issue arises, ensuring the equipment and spaces are as they found it or better, supplying their own consumables, being respectful of the space, equipment, and of others researchers working in this shared facility. 

Service-based analytical capabilities are available through Harvard Center for Mass Spectrometry FAS. You can find more information at this link: https://massspec.fas.harvard.edu/. If you need help coordinating transportation of your samples to the Harvard Center for Mass Spectrometry, please reach out to Angie at agreer@seas.harvard.edu.