How to Declare

Declaring a concentration is an exciting time for undergraduates! Students intending to declare the Environmental Science and Engineering A.B. or the ESE Track of the Engineering Sciences S.B. concentration should follow the steps below. Please plan to contact the ADUS early to avoid the rush!

  • Review the concentration requirements in the Harvard College Handbook for Students
  • Draft an 8-semester plan for all of the courses you plan to take to fulfill your degree requirements
  • Fill out a Plan of Study form for your proposed concentration:
  • Submit your Declaration of Concentration request on my.harvard (instructions can be found in the my.harvard FAQ)
    • For S.B. students, from the concentration drop-down list, please select "Engineering Sciences (SB)" and then select the "Environmental Science & Engineering" Track
  • Meet with the Associate Director or Director of Undergraduate Studies for Environmental Science and Engineering. During the meeting, you'll discuss your propsed plan of study, and once it is in order, the ADUS or DUS will sign the Plan of Study form.
    • Dr. Bryan Yoon (Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, Environmental Science and Engineering)
    • Prof. Scot Martin (Director of Undergraduate Studies, Environmental Science and Engineering)
  • After the form has been signed, the ADUS or DUS will use the my.harvard tool to officially accept your concentration declaration and upload a scanned copy of your plan to the "Reports and Documents" section
  • Celebrate!

Students interested in potentially declaring ESE are invited to chat with Bryan. Please email to set up an appointment!