Collaborative Program Between Harvard and UNIST

This program will not be offered in 2024.

The Renewable Energy Harvesting and Storing program is a 4-week, two-stage intensive program that covers the fundamentals of Silicon Solar Harvesting Cell Operation and Fabrication at Harvard (Cambridge, MA) and Battery fabrication at UNIST (Ulsan, South Korea). The first two weeks will be held at Harvard and the program will continue at UNIST (South Korea).

This program will focus on the study of solar energy, including a hands-on component in which student teams will design, fabricate, and test photovoltaic cells.

Program Overview

The UNIST Summer Program Curriculum will cover:

  • Discussion of basic semiconductor physics and crystalline silicon solar cells

  • Experimental activity designs:

  • Light absorption of silicon: Design of anti-reflection system on Si

  • Separation of electron-hole pair: Design and characterization of p-n junction

  • Effective carrier collection: Design of front metal electrode

  • Design and Fabrication of crystalline Si solar cells

  • Final presentation and discussion

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