AV Services


Media Desk Phone: 617-496-1014


AV Services provides faculty, instructors, and staff with AV support for classrooms, conference rooms, and seminar rooms.  AV Services also provides troubleshooting support for lectures and talks. Some AV equipment is available to loan*.


Services Provided

  • On-site assistance with AV in SEAS classrooms, conference rooms, and seminar rooms.
  • Reservation for SEAS equipment available for loan* to SEAS Faculty and Staff.  
  • AV equipment setup and support for SEAS events.  


*NOTE: we need at least one-week advance notice for all scheduled services.



SEAS Loaner AV Equipment

SEAS AV Services has a wide array of loanable AV items available on a first-come-first-served basis.  

Equipment should be reserved at least one week in advance.  Efforts will be made to accommodate last-minute requests, but we cannot guarantee availability.

All equipment is loaned for one business day.  To reserve equipment or support, please contact AV Services with as much detail as possible. 

Equipment available for loan is:

  • Portable LCD projector for computer projection
  • USB audioconferencing microphone or microphone/speaker for desktop videoconferencing (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.)
  • USB webcam for Desktop Videoconferencing.
  • For events: One- or two-speaker (PA) sound system with stands and inputs for two wired microphones and one iPod, computer, or other similar sound sources.
  • Assorted wired microphones.
  • Portable document camera.
  • Laser pointer/slide advancer.
  • Stereo headphones.
  • Assorted adapters: MiniDisplayPort, HDMI, or USB-C to VGA or HDMI, ethernet adapters.
  • 55"/65" TV on wheels for displaying computer images/videos.
  • For PC or MAC laptops, please contact the HUIT Help Desk
  • Email AV Services for more details.  



AV Training Sessions

AV Training Sessions are currently available for those interested in learning more about how SEAS AV systems function.  This would include the AV in the various spaces around the SEC from conference and seminar rooms to sloped floor and flat floor classrooms.

Please visit this link to sign up for upcoming group sessions or to request one-on-one/group training.



Lecture Capture

The Classrooms and Seminar rooms in the SEC and 114 Western Ave offer the ability to schedule automatic reoccurring recordings for classes throughout the semester. When scheduled, these recordings will automatically start/stop at the specified class dates and times and upload to the courses Panopto Folder for students to view.  

SEAS AV Services will offer Lecture Capture for your course(s) for the upcoming 2023 Spring Term.  Please allow up to 72 hours from submission for your recording to be scheduled.

Lecture Capture Request Form - Spring 2024


  • The Lecture Capture recording will capture the instructor view camera at the back of the room and the content being sent to the screen in the room.
  • The recording will also capture audio from the ceiling microphones and/or the wireless microphones in the user cabinet if you are in a sloped or flat floor classroom. It is recommended to use the wireless microphones if they are available in your room for the best audio quality for the recording.
  • The camera can be controlled using the touch panel in the room by going to the "Camera Controls" page at the top. There is a "Wide" preset to capture as much of the room as possible and a "Narrow" preset to zoom in on the front of the room.
  • When the recording is scheduled, it will begin and end at the dates and times you provide. You do not need to start/stop the recording in the room.
  • Please ensure the AV system is turned on before the start of your recording by interacting with the touch panel in the room to turn on the system even if you do not need to use the system. The AV system needs to be turned on for the camera to wake up and record your event.
  • If you would like to schedule a time to meet with a Support Specialist to review the AV capabilities in your space please email us.


Video Services

Video Recording & Live Streaming 

  • To arrange for a one-time recording or live streaming, please contact AV Services.  
  • If a video will be made available to the public, closed captions are required at the cost of the video owner.  


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