The SEAS Service Center is happy to provide a SEAS phone line upon request for SEAS Faculty & Staff.  All SEAS phones include international calling, voicemail routed to your email inbox, and WebEx Softphone.   All phone numbers will have Boston “617” area codes.  A physical phone handset can be provided upon request for those with an assigned office location. 

Please contact the Service Center for assistance with:

  • Adding a new phone line
  • Converting your current SEAS phone line to WebEx Softphone.
  • Requesting a physical handset
  • Removing a phone.
  • Relocating a phone.  Please note, 911 is an important safety service.   When you dial 911 from a desk phone, the following information is typically available to the emergency operator:  phone number, address, floor number, and room number of where you are located.   If you relocate a phone, this information must be reported to the Service Center

For troubleshooting or connection issues, please contact the Harvard Office of Information Technology at or (617) 495-7777.