Printers And Copiers

Print/copy devices are available to members of the SEAS Community.  Devices are located in SEAS buildings in both Cambridge and Allston.   

For information, questions, and advice about SEAS networked printers and/or SEAS Ricoh multifunction devices, please contact the Service Center.  


Print/Copy Locations in Allston

SEAS Community Use Print/Copy Device locations in Allston can be found at the locations listed below.  All locations with a device also have a locked box for document shredding needs.   


  • LL2:  LL2.214
  • LL1:  LL1.235
  • 1st Floor:  1.200.3
  • 2nd Floor: 2.111, 2.420
  • 3rd Floor:  3.207, 3.315, 3.324
  • 4th Floor:  4.200.C, 4.422
  • 5th Floor:  5.102, 5.422
  • 6th Floor:  6.400.C1

114 Western Ave

  • 2nd Floor: Hallway near classroom 2111 
  • 3rd Floor: 3410


**all print/copy devices are equipped with Crimson Print.

Print/Copy Locations in Cambridge

SEAS Community Use Print/Copy Devices in Cambridge with Crimson Print capabilities can be located at:


  • Mallinckrodt-Hoffman/Link - 263
  • McKay 1st Floor
  • Maxwell Dworkin 1st Floor Hallway
  • Northwest Labs - Level B1 - Room B147
  • Pierce Hall 1st Floor Hallway
  • Pierce Hall/MD 2nd Floor Bridge 
  • Pierce Hall/Cruft 2nd Floor Bridge
  • Pierce Hall 3rd Floor


SEAS Community Use Print/Copy Devices in Cambridge with network/wireless printing capabilities can be located at:  

Engineering Science Lab ESL 3rd Floor Hallway Ricoh MPC C3504EX Color
Mallinckrodt-Hoffman/Link MH-Link 263 Ricoh MPC C6004EX Color MFP
Gordon McKay Lab McKay 5th Floor Hallway HP Color LaserJet CP4525

Public printers can be accessed by using the "hostname" of the printer as the ip address. Please refer to the instructions for adding a printer for your specific operating system. We no longer use print servers to access our printers.

Please do your best to preserve paper and toner by printing in black & white and using 2-sided printing. Mother earth thanks you! 

*users must be connected to the Harvard Secure wireless network for network printing.  Please see how to connect to Harvard Secure.

Crimson Print

For information about Crimson Print printing, visit the HUIT help page on Crimson Print for Students, Faculty, and Staff.

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing at SEAS requires connecting to the Harvard Secure wireless network.  Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) has the following help page on how to connect to Harvard Secure.

Technical Questions

For technical questions and/or help related to printing, please contact the HUIT Service Desk at 5-7777 or via the IT Help Portal.

Toner Recycling

Printer toner is returned to the manufacturers for recycling.  To return your toner for recycling, please leave boxed toner at the drop off points listed below:

Cambridge:  Maxwell Dworkin Basement - Outside room B112.

Allston:  SEC Lower Level 1 in the hallway near the Loading Dock