Administrative Software for SEAS affiliates

To have Microsoft Office, Adobe products or antivirus software installed on your computer please contact Support Services.

Scientific Software for SEAS affiliates

SEAS licensed software ABAQUSCOMSOL, and LUMERICAL: The best way of accessing the latest version of these software is on FAS RC odyssey cluster.  For account and other information, visit:

Follow the links below for instructions on using these software on Odyssey:

Software from the FAS Download site (Harvard Key required)

Includes Mathlab and Mathematica, among others

Software available on Odyssey (FAS RC account required):

Personal Software

Harvard students, faculty and staff are eligible to purchase discounted software for personal use through OnTheHub.

SEAS Affiliates are eligible for free downloads of a number of premium Microsoft products through the Imagine Program.

Faculty and staff are also eligible to purchase discounted copies of Microsoft Office for personal use through the Microsoft Home Use Program.

Instructional Computing

If you need computing resources for the classroom, please contact Support Services to discuss your needs with the SEAS Computing team.