Domain name policy

Use Of Name In Electronic Contexts

Use of in Domain Names

(Web Sites and Other Electronic Contexts.)

The Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) adheres to the policy set by the University on use of name in electronic contexts. For use of the domain names in web pages, e-mail addresses, and internet addresses, the following guidelines apply:

  1. The systems hosting content related to the domain name being requested, cannot be hosted off site (i.e. on a non-Harvard server) without approval from the Chief Information Officer (CIO). They must comply with the University Security Policies and be accessible by SEAS staff for auditing purposes. The systems will be subject to regular vulnerability scanning. Vulnerabilities identified must be remediated by the system owner in a timely fashion. Even if approval is given for a non-Harvard server these security guidelines still apply.
  2. Current SEAS facultyfaculty groups and labsSEAS coursesSEAS-affiliated centers and initiatives, and recognized student organizations may request a SEAS domain name.  Student organizations should work through the Office of the Assistant Dean for Education to obtain the necessary advance permission before planning or using any form of “Harvard” in an internet address.
  3. Requests for domains for use in Harvard's internal network (instruments, individual workstations, etc) will be addressed on a case by case basis. Please contact Support Services.

A domain name will not be granted in the following case:

A host name may not be requested for personal sites of individual students (graduate or undergraduate). Students wishing to use a domain should obtain a Harvard CampusPress website instead and use the format to personalize it.

Form for requesting a SEAS domain name.

This policy is subject to change as new services are offered. The School reserves the right to immediately revoke names associated with systems identified as out of compliance. Please address questions to the Office of Communications or the Computing Office.