If you store important school-related files on your local hard drive, please make sure to back up those files. You can get the CrashPlan Backup Service from HUIT to backup your whole computer, or you can copy your files to a group folder.

If you are a member of a SEAS research group, you probably have a shared group directory stored on our networked file servers in RC. Departments have shared folders in Sharepoint or on the SEAS network file server.

Home directories on the SEAS file server are no longer provided. All SEAS community members have access to a free OneDrive account, can get g.harvard accounts with Google Drive storage, or, if eligible, can apply for a Harvard Dropbox account.

Group directories

Research group directories have been moved to FAS RC.

Administrative group directories are in the process of being moved to Sharepoint.

Accessing your group directory from Windows

Accessing your group directory from Mac OS X and Linux